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Pineapple Tea Towel


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This tropical tea towel features a screen print of a pineapple. Perfect for hanging in your home and kitchen or giving as a gift!  

Tea towels, also known as flour sack towels, are extremely absorbent, lightweight, soft, and have been a staple in homes for decades. We've simply added our own custom touch by printing lovely herbs on them. Perfect for drying dishes, use in baking or cooking, or wiping busy hands. But we won't blame you if you don't want anyone to dry their hands on these pretty thangs!

Every towel is handcrafted with care and takes on unique characteristics such as gentle wrinkles, delicate variations in size, and peculiar fibers in the weave due to the old fashioned finishing process. We believe these slight imperfections only add to their vintage feel, producing a classic yet elegant result.

100% Premium Turkish Cotton in a natural dye-free color. 27"x27"

Individually screen printed in a yellow ochre color.

Machine washable. In fact, you'll notice they get better and better with every wash.