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Magnolia Gift Wrap


Mini Wrap Pack
Pro Gifter Pack

Take your gift giving to the next level with this beautiful Magnolia botanical gift wrap! Designed from original watercolor paintings, this wrap is unique and artisanal. Made in small batches and offered in a limited supply!

Mini Wrap Pack - 3 sheets of FOLDED gift wrap with 3 tags and twine. (This item comes as a folded sheet for shipping purposes. Flattens well, with slight creasing only.)

Pro Gifter Pack - 12 sheets of gift wrap with 12 tags and twine. Comes shipped as a roll with no folding. 

Wrapping paper sheets are 22"x29" and printed professionally on 70lb uncoated stock for a soft satin finish that looks and feels wonderful. Each sheet approximately wraps 2-3 small gifts or one large gift.  Absolute expert quality.